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FAR CRY 3 - Welcome to Wonderland
An insane journey in which you play a pirate out to recapture Rook Island from the Rakyat and kill Jason!

Play as a dirty pirate (YARR!) taking back the island from Jason and his band of tree hugging, lotus-eating Ralyat hippies! Includes hundreds of new changes, new graphics, swapped characters and enemies,  and CRAZY storyline!
(just for goofy fun)


  • Increased time scale. Days and nights are twice as long. 

  • Increased weather chance so it actually does rain every so often
    (this is a TROPICAL island after all! )

  • TONS of new graphics. All sorts of changes and updates to the UI graphics. New enemy outfits. All kinds of new stuff.

  • Crazy tripped out storyline. Rescue your pirate buddies from Jason and his insane band of friends. Sure to make you laugh and say WTF a lot. 
    (Not in any way meant to be serious or make sense, It's really just for fun.)

  • Various key mapping improvements. Additional keys added such as (I)nventory, (J)ournal, s(K)ills, progress (L)og etc. CTRL key or C key to crouch. Moved weapon swapping to mouse scroll wheel and grenade/molotov swapping to G key. Everything can be remapped in the menu.

  • The camera gadget in the game functions AS an actual camera. That is you can take "fake snapshots" in game to fulfill mission requirements, but you can also use it to take actual screenshots of the game (you can also do this with defined keyboard keys if you wish). 

  • All weapons open at the start. Although you will still have to buy them. Some signature weapons still require you to complete certain tasks (take over X amount of outposts, climb X amount of towers, etc.)

  • All skills open at start. Second island is "technically" open at start, but it's plenty dangerous to attempt early. Wingsuit and privateer outfit are NOT available at start. You'll need to progress to those points in the story. Wingsuit can be unlocked via skills if you do not want to play the storyline. 

  • Some weaker skills have been buffed to give more abilites and make them more usefull/interesting!

  • Loot diamonds/relics/etc icons only appear on the maps if you move extremely close to them. You may still purchase expensive maps from the stores to reveal all the locations if desired.

  • Towers do NOT provide free weapons. They will provide experience, expose more of the map and unlock extra weapon ATTACHMENTS to purchase for your weapons. Want a silencer and extended magazine for your AK-74? Well you'll need to disable some of the tower scramblers so shops can get those in stock for you.

  • Weapons do not unlock when you retrieve them from dead enemies. If you want your own to customize you'll need to buy it from the store.

  • MUCH more pirate variety and Rakyat variety. New animal and vehicle spawns. All sorts of random unusual stuff you normally don't see while playing. From turtles and snakes on the beach, monkeys in the jungle to really unique stuff like the ATV Hunter can be encountered now.

  • Enemies do NOT disappear from the map after you take over outposts. The further you get from Amanaki village the more enemy persist afterwards.

  • Outposts are WAYYY more defended than before. If you trigger the alarm expect a BIG fight as waves of enemy reinforcements may be drawn in. The further away from Amanaki village the more and more difficult the outposts are. South island outposts are EXTREMELY difficult and require either careful planning or massively gearing up.

  • Weapons in general are more lethal. It takes less hits to kill or be killed so use body armor, syringes, cover, stealth and situational awareness to win the fight!

  • LOTS and LOTS of OTHER CHANGES. Too many to remember. Enjoy finding all the little bits and pieces added to the game!

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