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Restores many attachments back to the original weapons. Now you can attach your preferred scope, supprssor and extended to your favorite weapons!

Restores various weapon attachments back to the original guns. 

( NOTE: This mod is already included in my FC4 Enhanced series )



  • Compatible with Far Cry 4 version 1.7.0 patch 

  • Restores scopes. suppressors and extended mags to a large amount of weapons.

  • Includes the no startup videos fix.



Optional Downloads:


  • Optional Weapons Unlocked version includes all of the above +PLUS unlocks all the regular weapons at start (except the Longinus quest weapon). Some signature weapons still have other requirements (destroy 2 convoys, etc.)


  • Optional Damage Increase version includes all of the above +PLUS the weapon damage increases from FC4 Enhanced Hardcore version. Player and enemy weapons all do significantly increased damage and have adjusted rates of fire and clip sizes based on real world weapons.







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