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IMPROVED Far Cry 4 experience designed to make the game more challenging!

The world's FIRST FC4 mod! Incorporates many changes and additions to enhance your Far Cry experience.


  • UPDATED! Now fully compatible with official 1.8.0 patch for Far Cry 4

  • Does not alter your official 1.8.0 patch! Mod files have been moved to the smaller patch_hd.dat & patch_hd.fat files. This results in a much smaller download and a more stable mod for you. Be sure to back up your existing patch_hd.dat & patch_hd.fat files.

  • Incorporates my attachments mod which restores a variety of attachments to many of the weapons in FC4.

  • Weapon ranges and damage are increased based on real world data. Enemy weapons now do as much as your weapons do so watch out!
    (Seriously you need to be more aware of your surroundings, use body armor and have plenty of healing syringes. ALSO do NOT forget about the other syringes! These are important now as they reduce incoming damage and make it easier for you to dodge bullets!)

  • NEW Signature weapons - The mystical time slowing, multi-arrow firing Shangra-La Bow for completing the Shangra-La missions. The Raksha Bow which fires drugged confuson arrows for completing the Y&R missions. The powerful ACE signature Galil 53 assualt rifle for completing the game.

  • Removed Intro videos since Ubi broke/removed support for -skipintro.
    I will restore these if Ubi fixes it again.

  • Reduces the amount of Eagle attacks.  \o/ EEEAGLE!!!

  • Body armor protects againts bullets, arrows, etc. It does NOT protect against animal attacks (nor will animals do any damage to your body armor)

  • You can climb steeper hills now and fall slightly further before taking damage. The wingsuit can deploy faster if you have it.

  • Karma and XP levels require many more points. It takes longer for you to level up now.

  • New Additional Keyboard Commands - Reload: Press RELOAD to reload weapon. Press and hold RELOAD to bring up the Weapon Selection Wheel. This is like it was in FC3. You can still press or press and hold 1-4 to select weapons or bring up weapons wheel.

  • New Additional Keyboard Commands - Heal: Press HEAL to use syringe or manually healing (unfortunately these cannot be separated yet). Press and hold HEAL to bring up Syringe Crafting Wheel. To craft a syringe select syringe and press LMB. To use a syringe just select it with the mouse and then release Q.


  • New Additional Keyboard Commands - Cycle Special Arrows: Press Y to cycle special arrows. Press and hold Y to equip repair torch (this is a little temperamental. Still trying to work the kinks out - note you can always approach a broken vehicle and be prompted to use E to pull out your torch).

  • New Additional Keyboard Commands - L button brings up skill page. I had also added I for Inventry, J for Journal, P for Progress etc. but a bug in teh game is preventing any of those keys (and several others on the right side of the keyboard) from functioning when assigned in keybindings. 

  • Adjusted Item Costs. Purchase costs are all triple (x3) now.

  • No more free weapons from towers. You have to pay for them (or find them on enemy bodies). Several weapons cannot be purchased until you complete story missions or do specific activities. Removed Bell Tower popups telling you that you earned free weapons.

  • Less wandering sherpas. If you kill a sherpa you lose karma, but can loot his body for small random amounts of cash and ammo.

  • MORE random vehicle spawns. You can come across Dune Buggys, Hovercraft, Buzzers and more in different parts of Kyrat.

  • You CANNOT see enemies through walls or on the minimap. You can still tag them with icons over their heads if you leave weapons tagging on. 

  • Items do not "flash" (chest, plants, bodies, doors, etc)

  • You must move much closer to collectables now (chests, masks, propaganda posters, etc) before they show up on your minimap. You don't "automagically" discover them just by passing 50 meters away from them. You can still buy expensive maps to reveal all their locations if you wish.

  • Removed sniper rifle lasers.

  • Increased the damage of the characters Kukri (aka Machete). It now kills many small animals and unarmored opponents in a single swipe.

  • The primitive bow has bonus damage. It does much more damage to animals than the reflex bow, but you cannot mount any scopes to it.

  • Predators do NOT drop bait. No more exploiting endless streams of wolves and tigers to famr karam, XP and ca$h! You need to hunt herbivores. The quality of your kill will effect how much bait you get (clean kills get double the bait, "dirty" kills net you no bait and a damaged/burned skin)

  • Improved Leaf requirements for syringes -  Healing syringe unchanged, but other syringe recipes changed to make use of all leaf types:
    Healing Syringe - 2 Green, 2 Blue
    Hunting Syringe - 2 Yellow, 2 White
    Survival Syringe - 2 Red, 2 Yellow
    Focus Syringe - 2 Blue, 1 Purple, 1 White
    Overdose Syringe - 2 Purple, 2 Red

  • Crafting requires FIVE (5) skins for EACH level of upgrade!

    The final crafting tier takes 1 rare skin + 4 normal skins ( so the Heavy Ammo Bag lvl 4 requires a RARE Rhino skin +plus 4 regular rhino skins )

  • REQUIRED BY MINISTRY OF TRUTH - New handbook image for Pagan Min. (The bloody pen image while funny isn't very appropriate for a handbook written by his propaganda machine).

  • New crisper moon, stars and weapon sight textures by Ceano.

  • New much better looking Royal Guard textures by Vin1998.

  • Removed objective arrows and pulsing circle that show in your first person HUD. These are annoying and Ubi's option to turn them off is broken. I'll restore them when/if Ubi fixes the option to turn them off.

  • Rmoved many annoying on screen prompts that won't go away (vehicle controls, HOLD E to EXIT vehicle, HOLD Q HEAL when you are hurt, HOLD R CANCEL ARROW when you have an arrow drawn ect. etc.)

  • Now with 100% more boobies! -> Removed body paint from the Arena guards... "upper torso" area ;)

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