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Removes many distracting elements from the HUD and world to provide a more immersive experience.

Removes various distracting elements from the HUD and first person view.

Does not make changes to the game play (prices, crafting, etc.)




  • Compatible with Far Cry 4 version 1.7.0 patch!

  • Incorporates my popular attachments mod which adds back many missing attachments from guns.

  • No other changes to the default game play mechanics. Visual changes only!

Removes the following:


  • Startup logo videos

  • Flashing objects (chests, bodies, plants, doors, etc. etc.)

  • Seeing enemies through walls

  • Seeing enemies on the minimap

  • Tagging enemies with the camera or weapons

  • "Laser beams" on sniper rifles

  • Yellow / White objective arrows and pulsing circle around objectives.

  • Many annoying on screen prompts that won't go away (vehicle controls, HOLD E to EXIT vehicle, HOLD Q HEAL when you are hurt, HOLD R CANCEL ARROW when you have an arrow drawn ect. etc.)

  • Days and nights are longer 

  • Updated Moon & Stars textures by Ceano




Optional Download:


  • The optional download includes all of the above +PLUS the weapon damage increases from FC4 Enhanced Hardcore version. Player and enemy weapons all do significantly increased damage and have adjusted rates of fire and clip sizes based on real world weapons.







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