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News - CASUAL / REGULAR / HARDCORE versions!

Far Cry 4 Enhanced is now available in Casual, Regular and Hardcore versions. All have been updated to 0.07 and include bug fixes and compatibility with the new Far Cry 1.5.0 patch.

News - Far Cry 4 Immersive Mod!

The FC4 Immersive Mod is for people who wnat to remove all the visual clutter (flashing objects, seeing enemies through walls, etc.), but don't want to change any of the game mechanics. Check it out!

News - JRavens Far Cry Mods get a new home!

Namaste! Welcome to the new home page for all my Far Cry mods.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy my work :D

If you have any questions, comments or concerns stop by the forums and leave a message.

My mods got picked as Mod of the Week by  I'm honored :) You can check out the full article here
News - All NEW Vehicles & Animals!

Far Cry 3 mods Return to the Rook Islands and Welcome to Wonderland have been updated to include many new animal and vehicles skins. All kinds of interesting and unusual new things spawn about the islands now.

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